Why should I work for Green Leaf?

We pride ourselves on working to find the right fit for our candidates and for our clients in this exciting new industry.  Unlike working directly for a company in the Cannabis Industry, our employees have the opportunity to have access to benefits that most employees take for granted, such as direct deposit and insurance, that would otherwise be unavailable to them due to the cash based nature of the industry.

Does Green Leaf charge its candidates?

We provide all of our services at no cost to our candidates

Are there any open positions?

Green Leaf always has several openings!  Please visit our Job Board (Coming Soon!) to review all of our available positions.

Where is Green Leaf located?

We are an Oklahoma owned and operated company founded in Vinita.

Do I need to have a medical marijuana card to apply for medical marijuana jobs?

No, you do not need to be a medical marijuana patient to work in the cannabis industry. In most states you have to be over 21 with a clean background, some states allow those over 18 and also allow certain felonies.  Check your state’s cannabis program website for specifics.